d2pro DVD update v1.8 FINAL available - 2010-07-05

The final version of the d2pro DVD update v1.8 is now available in the resources section. This update is now safe to use on all versions of d2pro.

d2pro DVD update v1.8 BETA available - fixes NSMB! - 2010.06.26

We have just released v1.8 BETA - a DVD update for d2pro in the resources section. This has NOT been tested on all drives, nor has it been tested on all d2pro versions. Please use extreme caution and read the readme.txt file first! Thanks to OzModChips and Xavbox for early alpha testing support!

d2pro now available as a 6-wire install - 2008.11.17

It is now possible to install new d2pro chips using just 6 wires on D2C, D2C-2 and D2E chipsets. All d2pros with a yellow serial number sticker support this functionality. The installation guide in the resources section has been updated to reflect this.

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